The Best Cake Cookies in Las Vegas

JimJam Cake Cookies in Las Vegas

Cake Cookies in Las Vegas

Hi, my name is Jaime. Welcome to the world of cake cookies! Here’s how I started JimJam. Ive always loved cooking and baking, but while I was quarantined at home I actually had time to bake. I started baking cookies everyday and giving them away to my neighbors and friends.

Everyone loved them so much, they said I should sell them. Since work was slow, I thought It wouldn’t be a bad idea to make some extra money doing what I love.
I’m just so happy that people really love them and I can focus more on what I love to do.

When it came to choosing a name for my delicious cake cookies, JimJam just felt so perfect! Growing up, “JimJam” was a nickname my grandfather used to call me! I love and miss him so much, it just made sense!

JimJam Cake Cookies

Not Your Typical Cookie

JimJam Cake Cookies taste like a cake and eat like a cookie!

JimJam Cake Cookies

Wide Variety Of Flavors

We definitely have a JimJam Cake Cookie for every day of the week and then some!

JimJam Cake Cookies

Health Matters

Relax, and celebrate every occasion safely while everybody enjoys their own JimJam Cake Cookie!

Photography Credit by Aileen M Duffek

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